Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Bible & Homosexuality: How to Respond to Dan Savage's Attack

Gays and the Catholic Church are commonly at odds. The Church in her hierarchy has discredited the message of the Gospel, with recent scandals. It is a shame, as the Church gets sick, so does society.

The left seem to think they hold a monopoly on compassion. I think the problem is more that conservatives tend to approach compassion from a different direction, it is more of a long term approach. Catholics give immediate help ( the largest charitable activity in the world) but also want a long term solution to societal problems.

Catholic Conservatives come in a number of temperaments and some of them can be harsh, which I think is wrong.  But I think their anger is more about the frustration of having to defend what two thirds of their life was unnecessary to even think about, for them.

The below video is a good defense and presentation of the official position of the Catholic Church.

Just a few clarifications first: Homosexual activity is an action. The tendency or desire could be biological to some extent, it is debatable. But also Alcoholism is linked to an activity, it too can be debated if its cause is biological. 

What both have in common in the Catholic understanding is activity which is harmful both bodily and spiritually ( loss of heaven). One can object to the activity of drunkenness but still be sympathetic to those who suffer alcoholism.  The same is true for Homosexuality; we can object to the activity, but still be sympathetic to the homosexual person who suffers this affliction.

If you are interested in the "Natural Law" or the logical objections to Homosexual activity here is a good article.