Friday, December 30, 2011

10 Steps To A Low Or Even Negative Tax Economy, Plus How To Keep Inflation Pegged To 0%

This document is in the public domain.

Here are 10 steps to going from our overtaxed system today to eliminating taxes or even having negative taxes.

1 – Money Supply Linked To GDP To Eliminate Inflation And Deflation

If the GDP grows by 1% then 1% more money can be created without affecting inflation. The government can use this money to pay for its operations without needing to collect taxes.

Therefore money is only created or destroyed by the people depending on the growth or reduction of the GDP. This eliminates taxation through inflation and depression from deflation.

2 – Elimination Or Near Elimination Of Taxes

Taxation can be reduced or eliminated by growing the GDP each year and creating exactly enough new money to reflect this GDP growth. The new money is used for government operations without having to collect taxes.

Obama loses LFTR tech. to China.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Greensleeves/ What Child is this

This is a nice version with a little background about its creation. Very nice harp playing too.

sola heating system. Not pretty but it works

It ain't pretty but it does save cost in heating Especially if you in a really cold climate

25 clever ideas to make life easier

25 clever ideas to make life easier

Why didn’t I think of that?!

We guarrantee you’ll be uttering those words more than once at these ingenious little tips, tricks and ideas that solve everyday problems … some you never knew you had!
Clever ideas: hull strawberries with a strawVia:
Above: hull strawberries easily using a straw.

more at link

Weekend Weather is great!

This is strange info. I am not sure what it means but interesting :)

New research may explain why serious thunderstorms and tornados are less prevalent on the weekends

December 22, 2011 by Bob Yirka report New research may explain why serious thunderstorms and tornados are less prevalent on the weekendsEnlarge
Image credit: AGU
( -- For much of the last century, people in parts of the United States have come to notice that just as they got the weekends off to relax, so too did it seem, did serious weather. Big booming thunderstorms that produced large hail and/or tornados, seemed to strike at will during the week, but come the weekend, things grew quiet. While there have been many theories as to why this might be, mostly religion based, it hasn’t been until much more recently that researchers have begun to take a closer look

Co-op Health Care a third way! part I

a true pioneer who may well help revolutionize your relationship with our healthcare system. This idea goes along with the Catholic Distributism, anti-monopoly and benefits to greatest amount of people. Co-ops is a Distributist idea.

Part II


It's difficult to find a good book that will help a person become literate about our modern money supply. Most that are accurate are hopelessly dense and written for graduate students in economics....Ellen Brown has translated a dense subject into a readable and fascinating story....Web of Debt by Ellen Brown not only demystifies money, but provides some thought-provoking and realistic solutions to our nation's dangerous dependence on a for-profit banking system that is sucking the financial lifeblood out of our nation.

MONEY=DEBT-- Economic 101

If we fail to understand that our economy is run on debt, we will fail to understand our economy nor our political environment.

This video explains well,if someone takes out a mortgage, they have created money into the system. (This took me awhile to understand because I was focused on the Fed. The Fed loans to government but that isn't all the money supply just the debt of the government) When we pay off the loan that money disappears from the system.

So.... when all these house mortgages collapsed it was like paying off the loan and all that money disappeared from the system. This means that we were heading for a depression because when there isn't enough money we have a depression. That is why the Fed has been printing money like it is going out of style to equal the money lost by failed mortgages. There is still less money in our system than in 2008. Although we may have a slight inflation now.

The reason the Great Depression was so bad was that the Gold standard limited the amount of money the Fed could put into the system when the loans failed in 1929.

It starts slow so be patient

Secret of OZ--understanding Monatery Reform

This is an important for us to understand our economic system and possible answers to its reform. It covers the history and problems inherent int eh system.

Alternative Energy--LFTRs

I used to be opposed to Nuclear energy but this new LFTR technology has changed my mind. Energy is as much of a key to our society as economy in a sense you could say we are on the crude oil standard. Third World countries can only really seek development and health by cheap clean energy. LFTRs can't be used for nuclear weapons.

Just watch the first 5 minutes, which will help you to understand the importance of this technology. The rest of the video is for a deeper understanding of nukes in general. Lets get informed.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Greatest year in Hollywood Film 1939

The Greatest Year for Films Ever: 1939
Gone With the Wind - 1939The most distinguished, pinnacle year in the movies has to be 1939, with many of the greatest, most diverse and superlative movies ever produced in one year. There were ten films nominated for Best Picture that year (not five) for Academy Awards, and four of them were independent productions - (1) Hal Roach's Of Mice and Men (1939), (2) Walter Wanger's Stagecoach (1939) - director John Ford's only Western during the 1930s - a frontier classic that revitalized the A-budget Western, emphasized characterizations, and catapulted the career of John Wayne out of routine, small-scale roles, (3) Sam Goldwyn's and William Wyler's tale of ill-fated lovers in Wuthering Heights (1939) [the Yorkshire moors were realistically re-created on land 50 miles from Hollywood], and the eventual winner (4) David O. Selznick's and MGM's Gone With the Wind (1939) with Victor Fleming credited as director among others. The Best Picture winner sold more tickets than any other picture - and Hattie McDaniel's Best Supporting Actress Oscar win (for her role as Mammy) made her the first African-American Oscar winner. It was also the first color film to win the 'Best Picture' award.
Goodbye, Mr. Chips - 1939The other six nominated films in 1939 were MGM's big-budget The Wizard of Oz (1939) (credited as directed by Victor Fleming) with emerging star Judy Garland in the colorful magical Munchkinland and land of Oz, MGM's Goodbye, Mr. Chips (1939) starring Robert Donat and Greer Garson, Columbia's and Frank Capra's Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939), MGM's Ninotchka (1939) - Garbo's first starring comedy in which she "laughs," WB's Dark Victory (1939), and RKO's Love Affair (1939). Two other lesser-known Westerns, besides Ford's, also contributed to the rebirth of the Western in the 30s: Dodge City (1939), an Errol Flynn Western-style swashbuckler, and Cecil B. DeMille's epic, Union Pacific (1939).
1939 boasted other great classic films of enduring quality: The Roaring Twenties (1939), Destry Rides Again (1939) - Marlene Dietrich's come-back film, Only Angels Have Wings (1939), Young Mr. Lincoln (1939), Beau Geste (1939), the all-female The Women (1939), a re-make of The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1939) with Charles Laughton, and The Old Maid (1939) with Bette Davis.
As a footnote to the decade, three of the best directors in the decade of the 1970s were born in the year 1939: Francis Ford Coppola, William Friedkin, and Peter Bogdanovich.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Paleo-conservative-Buchanan and Paleo-liberal- Ralph Nader discuss.

Paleo-conservative-Buchanan and Paleo-liberal- Ralph Nader discuss. This is really interesting to see how much they agree on what is good for USA.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Corporate personhood parts I, II & III

This series of videos explains an important aspect of civil society. A fetus is not considered a Person while a corporation is! Does that make sense? Corporations have the same rights as you and me but they don't need water or food; they don't get sick, die or can be imprisoned. Corporations have been abusing their powers with this right of person-hood and with a new ruling that money is a form of "free speech" they are thus allowed to sponsor politicians.

Alternative perspective on OWS not Fox News

I don't agree with many position of Hartman, like his anti-life positions but he has a lot of truth in this program that links up with Catholic Social teachings, more than the typical Neo-Con Catholic understands

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ivo Cardile, 7, Walks Thanks To Father's Invention

Doctors told Jorge Cardile of Buenos Aires that his son Ivo, 7, would never walk.

And while unsuccessful surgeries may have deterred some parents, Cardile didn't listen, according to BBC.

"I said to myself, I have to do something, and well, I got the idea to put a brain in his feet, and so I did that and we got results," the news outlet reports.

Ivo was born with permanent brain damage, greatly limiting the use of his arms and legs. Cardile, who runs a car repair shop in Buenos Aires, toyed with a bike and wooden planks to build a machine to stretch his son's body and help build his muscles.

He has since perfected the invention, pouring his life savings into the endeavor, which Ivo now uses to walk independently.
Video link here

Gold Standard ---NOT!!

Winston Churchill, as Chancellor of the Exchequer, reintroduced the gold-standard in 1925. In 1932, Churchill testified the following before the House of Commons:

"When I was moved by many arguments and forces in 1925 to return to the gold standard, I was assured by the highest experts, and our experts are men of great ability and of indisputable integrity and sincerity, that we were anchoring ourselves to reality and stability, and I accepted their advice. I take for myself and my colleagues of other days whatever degree of blame and burden for having accepted their advice.

"But what happened ? We have had no reality, no stability. The price of gold has risen since then by more than 70 per cent. That is as if a 12-inch foot rule had been stretched to 19 or 20 inches…. Look at what this has meant to everybody who has been compelled to execute their contracts upon this irrationally enhanced scale. Look at the gross unfairness of such distortion to all producers of new wealth, and to all that labour and science and enterprise can give us. Look at the enormously increased volume of commodities which have to be created in order to pay off the same mortgage debt or loan. Minor fluctuation might well be ignored, but I say quite seriously that this monetary convulsion has now reached a pitch where I am persuaded that the producers of new wealth will not tolerate indefinitely so hideous an oppression. . . .

"I therefore point to this evil, and to the search for the method's of remedying it as the first, second and third of all the problems which should command and rivet our thoughts."

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Viera Scheibner is a retired principal research scientist with a doctorate in natural sciences. During her distinguished career, she has published three books and 90 scientific papers in prestigious scientific journals. Since the mid-80's, she has done extensive research into vaccines and vaccinations. Her first research was in the area of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). She wasn't even studying vaccinations, but she stumbled onto a relationship between SIDS and vaccinations that lead to a very deep study into vaccination literature in medical journals. In 1983, she published her book on the results of her research Vaccination: The Medical Assault on the Immune System. She often provides expert reports for court cases involving immunizations and vaccine-damaged individuals throughout the world.
LITERATURE SEARCH ON SIDS Then I asked myself, are we the only people who stumbled over the dangers of vaccines? Does the medical profession know about all this? Is there anything published in the medical literature? I began to do research in medical libraries, and to my absolute astonishment, there is no end to it. For my book, Vaccination, I studied more than 30,000 pages of data published in medical journals about Crib Deaths after vaccinations. In one study, there were 41 babies who died within 21 days of their first Triple Antigen injection, and there was a clustering of these deaths along those critical days we recorded in the babies' breathing after vaccination. This is the ultimate evidence of the causal link between the administration of those vaccines and these deaths. In the so-called "Tennessee Deaths", hundreds of babies died there, after their DPT injections. We soon established that the vaccines are killing babies, and Crib Deaths (SIDS) are 95% vaccine deaths.

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