Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Ten Reasons Left-Wingers Cut Trump Voters from Their Lives

Many Hillary Clinton voters have ceased communicating with friends, and even family members, who voted for Donald Trump. It is so common that the New York Times published a front-page article on the subject headlined “Political Divide Splits Relationships — and Thanksgiving, Too.”
The article begins with three stories:
Matthew Horn, a software engineer from Boulder, Colo., canceled Christmas plans with his family in Texas. Nancy Sundin, a social worker in Spokane, Wash., has called off Thanksgiving with her mother and brother. Ruth Dorancy, a software designer in Chicago, decided to move her wedding so that her fiancé’s grandmother and aunt, strong Trump supporters from Florida, could not attend.
The Times acknowledges that this phenomenon is one-sided, saying, “Democrats have dug in their heels, and in some cases are refusing to sit across the table from relatives who voted for President-elect Donald J. Trump.”
A number of people who voted for Trump called my show to tell me that their daughters had informed them they would no longer allow their parents to see their grandchildren. And one man sent me an e-mail reporting that his brother-in-law’s mother told him that she “no longer had a son.”
All of this raises an obvious question:

Why is this phenomenon of cutting off contact with friends and relatives so one-sided?

Why don’t we hear about conservatives shunning friends and relatives who supported Hillary Clinton?

Friday, September 23, 2016

How To Make Your Kids Smarter: 10 Steps Backed By Science


by Eric Barker

TIME Children
Young boy writes math equations on chalkboard
Justin Lewis—Getty Images
I’ve explored the science behind what makes kids happier, what type of parenting works best and what makes for joyful families.
But what makes children — from babies up through the teen years — smarter?
Here are 10 things science says can help:

1) Music Lessons

Plain and simple: research show music lessons make kids smarter:

Compared with children in the control groups, children in the music groups exhibited greater increases in full-scale IQ. The effect was relatively small, but it generalized across IQ subtests, index scores, and a standardized measure of academic achievement.
In fact musical training helps everyone, young and old:

A growing body of research finds musical training gives students learning advantages in the classroom. Now a Northwestern University study finds musical training can benefit Grandma, too, by offsetting some of the deleterious effects of aging.
(More on what the music you love says about you here.)

2) The Dumb Jock Is A Myth

Monday, September 5, 2016

Thomas Sowell Brings the World into Focus through an Economics Lens

Published on Dec 19, 2014
In this episode of Uncommon Knowledge, Peter Robinson interviews Hoover fellow and author Thomas Sowell, on his 5th edition of Basic Economics: A Common Sense Guide to the Economy. In this interview, Sowell brings the world into clearer focus through a basic understanding of the fundamental economic principles and how they explain our lives. Sowell draws on lively examples from around the world and from centuries of history.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Is "Local Motors" The End Of The Auto Industry? Is the "Ford System" dying?

Like a Swiss Army Knife, 3D printing a versatile tool

I have been following  3D printing for the past 7 years and we are looking at a whole new revolution that will make manufacturing more traditional in the middle ages craftsman  sense than we have known for some time. 

3D printers will make it possible to have local factories of 5 to 12 people. This video is focusing on autos but it could easily branch out. So the same factory could make a number of different tools or items. It could be a family business for large families.

This is a possible revolution like we saw with personal computers and a less centralized society. This could be BIG.

Local Motors is bringing a radically different business model to the automotive industry. No design studios. No engineering staff. No massive factories. No dealerships. In other words, no massive capital investments. If they can make it work it could completely turn the industry upside down. Justin Fishkin, the Chief Strategy Officer of Local Motors, joins John and Gary for a most interesting conversation on the brave new world of crowd-sourced car design.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Understanding house architecture--McMansions 101: What Makes a McMansion Bad Architecture?

If you love to hate the ugly houses that became ubiquitous before the bubble burst (1980s-2009) you've come to the right place. Be sure to check out the required reading.
New posts every week! from original site found here :

McMansions 101: What Makes a McMansion Bad Architecture?

Sometimes people ask, why is xyz house bad? Asking this question does not imply that the asker has bad taste or no taste whatsoever - it means that they are simply not educated in basic architectural concepts. In this post, I will introduce basic architectural concepts and explain why not all suburban/exurban/residential houses are McMansions, as well as what makes a McMansion especially hideous.
Disclaimer: These same principles do not always apply to Modernist or even canonically Postmodern architecture. These principles are for the classical or traditional architecture most residential homes are modeled after.

Design Principle #1: Masses; Voids

The mass is the largest portion of a building. Individual masses become interesting when they are combined together to form a façade. The arrangement of these shapes to create weight is called massing. As the pieces are combined, they are divided into categories: primary and secondary masses (1).
The primary mass is the largest shape in the building block. The secondary masses are the additional shapes that form the façade of a building.
Windows, doors, or other openings are called voids. Voids allow creation of negative space that allow for breaks within masses. Placing voids that allow for natural breaks in the mass create balance and rhythm across the building’s elevation.

The secondary masses should never compete with the primary mass. 
For example: an oversized projected entry or portico (secondary mass) will overwhelm the house (primary mass) behind it.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Feminism and the Razing of the Village

Feminism promised to empower women. Instead it destroyed their support system.

The intensity of motherhood surprises contemporary women. Some of us struggle through it privately. Others write shocked confessionals in blogs and open letters that go viral. This recent entry in the genre from Time is typical, complete with the call for help:
It’s time to recognize that by refusing to give parents — and especially women — some basic support to meet their competing obligations, we have created an impossible situation for them, one that has the makings of a serious public-health crisis.
Who is the “we” that created this impossible situation for mothers?  How did it become the norm? Few ask the questions. Most accept that the impossible state is just how it is if women are in the work force and unless fathers contribute more. Fathers, however, already take on levels and types of household duties that would stun our grandfathers, yet women find the work and life balance harder than ever to achieve. Many call, as this Time piece did, for government action of some sort.

What ever happened to the village?

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

NASA Stirling Cycle Engine: "The Stirling Engine: A Wave of the Future" ?

 It all looked so promising.
Why didn't it go anywhere?
It seems the common complaint is pressure in the cylinders and gaskets. That seems like a minor problem. One other problem I see is they used hydrogen as light gas for the pistons, in this experiment, which is very flammable while helium would be better substitute.

[Editor: This would actually be a great engine for cold climate countries like Russia, Canada and Scandinavia. Because it works on a heat differential. This means the easier it is to dump the heat the better it works. That is why, in the NASA video (above), they did most of the tests with this engine in the worst conditions of the deep southern states, which are hot and humid. They are not what would be thought of as a good environment for such an engine.]

 "This video describes the Stirling engine, an external combustion engine which creates heat energy to power the motor, and can use many types of fuel. It can be used for both stationary and propulsion purposes and has advantages of better fuel economy and cleaner exhaust than internal combustion engines. The engine is shown being road tested at Langley Air Force Base."

details of the report:

Public domain film from NASA, slightly cropped to remove uneven edges, with the aspect ratio corrected, and mild video noise reduction applied.
The soundtrack was also processed with volume normalization, noise reduction, clipping reduction, and/or equalization.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

The Dr. Paul Internal Combustion Engine - 80% Efficient!!!

I found this video on You Tube ( link below).
It doesn't seem to have much buzz, when in fact it seems so amazing !!

The brains behind it are very qualified. So I thought I would share it here. It was a little difficult to find this info.

Dr. Marius Paul, an American engineer having Romanian origin. In Romania he was the director of National Thermal Engine Institute from Bucharest (a very prestigious institution designing tank, marine and locomotive engines).

After his arrival in USA, Dr. Paul created a company named Engine Corporation of America which began to develop the first variants of the Paul Engine.

The US Army was immediately interested by his concept and funded an intensive development.The results were so impressive that the concept remained top secret for 20 years. Now his patents are available for civil development.

Mainly the Paul engine uses an innovative arrangement of the connecting rod – crankshaft mechanism having opposite-pistons, without cylinder head.

Back ground on Prof. Fred Major who is speaking in the video (below)

Professor Fred Major was the CEO of Energy Dynamics Corp.

His background is in aerospace missiles, he started working on that in 1975 developing the Air continental missile called the Atlas missile.

Helped in the Development of the missile technology in the USA.He talks in this video about lots of stuff including his work on the Dr.Marius Ana Paul engine. Really interesting stuff.

VIDEO ____________________________________________ _____

Friday, June 24, 2016

The Ideological Disease known as 'Cultural Marxism' Exposed

This is a confusing subject but clearly explained here.  The enemy of Cultural Marxism is western culture. The video is pretty objective until the end. The goal is cultural demoralization-- a chaotic unruly society. Thus the only answer to restore peace in this warring minorities and majorities is government.  Once government is the all powerful "peace keeper" a socialistic implementation of Marxism can be slowly constructed with very little opposition.

Effective Way To Get Rid Of The Cockroaches Permanently

There is one proven way to get rid of the cockroaches and you can be sure that they will never return again and make your life bitter.
Here is the recipe which will end your problems with the cockroaches:

First you need to take 1 raw egg yolk and put 30-50 grams of boric acid powder in it. Mix until you get solid mixture. From this mixture make balls with a diameter about 1cm. Wait until gets dry for about an hour and pour them all over the house in visible places and corners.

Make sure that the kitchen and the bathroom have special attention. Do not forget that the place should be visible, not from your point of view but from the point of view of the insect. Parts of shelves, racks, closets, kitchen cabinets too and all that is above your eyes.

This interesting ball disguised with boric acid, the cockroaches will not feel but she will come out to it from curiosity. When the cockroaches touch the ball with its mustache will die or it will have infernal itching. It will not be able to warn its other brothers insects because it will be unable to move.

These balls are harmless to pets and humans so they can be safely placed in the house or apartment in which small children, dogs or cats live.
The balls will attract more and more new healthy bugs and make them very ill. Such a cockroach is able to infect a healthy counterpart when it touches him.

After 3 to 4 weeks you will clean every day an enormous amount of dead bugs. Would the bugs disappear forever? If after 6 months of re-occurrence, the females may be able to lay eggs and hatch new generation, but the method of fighting is the same.

Sometimes the cockroaches may come from your neighbors where they tried to poison them. But if your balls are in the right place you should not worry, as they come running they will escape immediately.
Boric acid is not toxic and it is used for disinfection. If you can’t find boric acid in powder, use 3 percent of boric acid solution which is sold in every pharmacy at a cheap price.


Tips & Warnings

We found that there should be some caution. It is not completely harmless but repeated exposure and ingestion is to be avoided.
  • Keep boric acid out of reach of children and pets. Although it is less toxic than most commercial cleaners, it can still be dangerous if swallowed.
  • Wear rubber gloves when working with boric acid to protect your skin from irritation.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

"Follow Your Passion" the dirty truth bad advice

Possible Cold and Flu Remedy ?

[ editor:Not sure if this will work but I have seen it drifting around the internet. It seems harmless and couldn't hurt. It has been my experience that doctors from the early 20th century were really interested in curing and helping people. Now Big Pharma seems to control doctors so they never cure anything, just maintain.]

In 1928 Richard Simmons M.D. Hypothesized that the virus enters the body through the ear canal. German researchers had great success using hydrogen peroxide for the treatment of colds and flues in 1938. They found that once the germ enters the inner ear they start multiplying and spread to the rest of the body. It’s a good ” rule of thumb” to keep your fingers out of your ears to reduce the odds of exposure. Unfortunately the virus is airborne and can still enter the ear. The treatment entails using a dropper to put a few drops of 3% hydrogen peroxide into the top ear with the head tilted to one side. After two or three minutes drain the ear with a tissue, and repeat on the other side. This should be done as soon as possible when symptoms arise and will be effective 80% of the time. It’s normal for the hydrogen peroxide to bubble and sometime cause some mild stinging. The 3% hydrogen peroxide solution is readily available at most drug stores and is perfectly safe for infants and children.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Hells Bells 2: Foundations for Cultural Analysis of Rock and Roll

This documentary is in 8 parts. It is worth Catholics watching it. Catholics don't seem to understand how foul the underbelly of modern music is. The problem with culture is there are good and bad things mixed together but often the little good found is often an excuse to continue down the road away from virtue.

It is  Protestant produced but it is pretty balanced, and gives some good reasons to be cautious of modern music.

Friday, May 13, 2016

The Arthritis Diet & Supplementation Plan

Source article :

[Below is my transcript of my video about natural treatments for arthritis and the arthritis diet, along with supplemental information on the topic.]

Arthritis is something that affects a lot of people. In fact, it’s believed that approximately 350 million worldwide have arthritis, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that more than 52 million in the U.S. alone suffer from arthritis symptoms.
Rheumatoid arthritis is really autoimmune in nature and actually starts in your gut, which is surprising to a lot of people. So I’m going to share with you the top natural arthritis treatments that are effective in terms of diet and supplements. I’ll also mention the things you want to stay away from when following the arthritis diet.

The Arthritis Diet

Life begins at conception, science teaches

Original Article
Children sitting inside school bus

It is the central question in the abortion debate: when does life begin?
Science teaches without reservation that life begins at conception. It is a scientific fact that an organism exists after conception that did not exist before conception. This new organism has its own DNA distinct from the mother and father, meaning that it is neither part of the mother nor part of father. As the embryo grows, it develops a heartbeat (22 days after conception), its own circulatory system, and its own organs. From conception it is a new organism that is alive and will continue to grow and develop as long as nutrition is provided and its life is not ended through violence or illness.

Artistic metal representation of DNA double helix structure.
It is indisputably human, as it has human DNA.
The offspring of two members of a species is always the same type of creature as the parents. No two dogs will ever conceive and give birth to a cat; no fish egg will ever produce a snake. According to all the laws of nature, the unborn baby is human.
Scientific textbooks proclaim this fact. Keith L. Moore’s The Developing Human: Clinically Oriented Embryology (7th edition, Philadelphia, PA: Saunders, 2003) states the following:

A zygote [fertilized egg] is the beginning of a new human being. Human development begins at fertilization, the process during which a male gamete … unites with a female gamete or oocyte … to form a single cell called a zygote. This highly specialized, totipotent cell marks the beginning of each of us as a unique individual.
Hi, kids!
The term “zygote” is a scientific term for the new life that is created when the sperm and the egg combine. “Oocyte” is another term for the egg cell, the cell released by woman’s ovary which travels down the fallopian tube and is fertilized by the male sperm.
The author of this scientific textbook, Keith L. Moore, is a world-renowned embryologist. He has written a number of definitive books on embryology, and his scientific knowledge and experience are vast and beyond reproach. Few medical students can complete their careers without studying from his textbooks.
Moore puts it even more plainly in Before We Are Born: Essentials of Embryology (7th edition, Philadelphia, PA: Saunders, 2008, p. 2):

[The zygote], formed by the union of an oocyte and a sperm, is the beginning of a new human being.
Here is an example from another scientific work.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Muscular Dystrophy Cured in Animals

Todd Harrison's mission is to educate the masses of people affected by Muscular Dystrophy. In early in 2013 he discovered that Muscular Dystrophy in animals was shown to be cured by supplementation of the mineral selenium in 1958. After hearing this fact Todd started a long search on the internet with archived websites which had historic newspaper articles and information that could not be found anywhere else. The information that he discovered verified one thing, Muscular Dystrophy is simply a nutritional deficiency disease.

"Why didn't doctors know this, I asked myself"?

In my archived search I learned that Medical Doctors are only trained in one field of medicine called Allopathy which has the definition of: A system of medical practice that aims to combat disease by use of drugs or surgery.I quickly saw that Medical Doctors were the wrong doctors to seek advice for Muscular Dystrophy. I made the decision to only seek Naturopathy as a means to heal myself and as you will see on this website amazing things happen when you give your body the proper nutrients.

 Example of progress

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Bible & Homosexuality: How to Respond to Dan Savage's Attack

Gays and the Catholic Church are commonly at odds. The Church in her hierarchy has discredited the message of the Gospel, with recent scandals. It is a shame, as the Church gets sick, so does society.

The left seem to think they hold a monopoly on compassion. I think the problem is more that conservatives tend to approach compassion from a different direction, it is more of a long term approach. Catholics give immediate help ( the largest charitable activity in the world) but also want a long term solution to societal problems.

Catholic Conservatives come in a number of temperaments and some of them can be harsh, which I think is wrong.  But I think their anger is more about the frustration of having to defend what two thirds of their life was unnecessary to even think about, for them.

The below video is a good defense and presentation of the official position of the Catholic Church.

Just a few clarifications first: Homosexual activity is an action. The tendency or desire could be biological to some extent, it is debatable. But also Alcoholism is linked to an activity, it too can be debated if its cause is biological. 

What both have in common in the Catholic understanding is activity which is harmful both bodily and spiritually ( loss of heaven). One can object to the activity of drunkenness but still be sympathetic to those who suffer alcoholism.  The same is true for Homosexuality; we can object to the activity, but still be sympathetic to the homosexual person who suffers this affliction.

If you are interested in the "Natural Law" or the logical objections to Homosexual activity here is a good article.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Conteception Pill messes up woman's hormones and diet.

Here is a testimony of the problems caused by being on the contraception pill. She lost her period for 7 years. She has healed herself with a high fat high cholesterol diet. I think her diet may be a little extreme but in general an increase of grass feed butter would be really good. Some starches like potatoes can be ok to eat.

Here is a little more info on butter. Really interesting.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

RUNAWAY SLAVE (movie)-- Black American Man wakes up from the 50 year socialistic slavery nightmare.

RUNAWAY SLAVE is a compelling, insightful look at why growing dependency on big government is destroying America, Black and White.

Through entitlements and other government programs, a perpetual state of welfare exists, creating what can only be described as a form of modern slavery for a large percentage of the African-American community. The documentary features Rev. C.L. Bryant, who proudly refers to himself as a "runaway slave."

This former NAACP chapter president left the organization after concluding its goals were more about political posturing than actual civil rights. Rev. Bryant says he escaped the bondage of progressivism and denounced the shackles of entitlements. He now has committed himself to helping others secure the blessings of liberty that are guaranteed by the Constitution. While Rev. Bryant's compelling story helps launch the film, we soon discover he is not alone as he treks across the new Underground Railroad in America.

Arguments against same-sex marriage

So often we don't get to hear the real arguments against "gay marriage." We are labeled haters before we can even approach the topic.

Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, President and Founder of The Ruth Institute, to discuss the libertarian view against same-sex marriage.

The Ruth Institute is a global non-profit organization dedicated to creating a lasting and Christ-like mass social movement to end the agony and injustice of family breakdown.
Founded by world-renowned author, speaker and academic Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, the Ruth Institute’s Resource Center provides decades of research and educational tools to support individuals and families harmed by divorce, the hook-up culture and other forms of family breakdown.

TheRuth Refuge and  Ruth Speaks Out blog offers  community and  information..
The Ruth Institute believes that:
  • Every person has the right to know his or her cultural heritage and genetic identity.
  • Every child has a right to a relationship with their natural mother and father except for an unavoidable tragedy.
  • The Ruth Institute rejects the idea that a child is a problem to solve, if you don’t want one, and an object to purchase, if you do want one.

Here is a succinct explanation by Alan Keys. He stresses that the definition of marriage as an institution is the joining of a man and woman for procreation.

Thursday, February 25, 2016


By Judith A. Reisman, Ph.D.

Judith Ann Reisman (April 11, 1935 in Newark, New Jersey) is an American Jewish Conservative Academic, and author, best known for her criticism and condemnation of the work and legacy of Alfred Kinsey-- sexual revolutionary.
She has been referred to as the "founder of the modern anti-Kinsey movement"

I have been asked to introduce myself so that you know something of my life and how I came to discover Kinsey's child molestation protocol, his false data, his molding of modern sex education and of western sexual culture and conduct, as well as how I came be involved in international governmental hearings on science fraud, child sexual abuse, pornography, drugs and the other critical issues of our time. I will try to touch on the points in my life which may be of most use to readers of this Kinsey expose.
I was born, Judith Ann Gelernter, in 1935 in Newark, New Jersey. Mine was a large and thriving second-generation Jewish-American family, Russian on my maternal side, German on my parental side. Both sets of grandparents had fled persecution in Europe, and upon landing at Ellis Island in New York, they thankfully embraced their adopted country, immediately took up menial labor, and raised large families of achievers.

My father Matthew was born in Massachusetts and my mother Ada in New Jersey. They eventually owned "Matthew's Sea Food," a prosperous fish business, in Irvington, New Jersey. The Gelernter's held family meetings every few months at Aunt Laura's large home in South Orange, New Jersey. More than forty adults and dozens of children sat down to dinners tastefully arranged and served, table manners always impeccable. After dinner, without the modern invention of television, political debates raged between my parents and the family, but all was mended when cousin Ruth sat down at the piano to accompany my father and three aunts, Laura, Shirley and Mary, as they sang old Yiddish and American folk songs in four-part harmony. I was mesmerized.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

What pro-aborts can no longer deny: Margaret Sanger supported eugenics (selective breeding and killing of the "unfit")

Featured Image

What pro-aborts can no longer deny: Margaret Sanger supported eugenics [more on eugenics] 

January 10, 2011 ( - Herman Cain’s remarks concerning Planned Parenthood’s promotion of abortion to blacks thrust the organization and its founder once more into the spotlight. Congressional attempts to defund Planned Parenthood had already generated publicity. When Hillary Clinton received Planned Parenthood’s Margaret Sanger Award in 2009, she was prompted to make an apologia for accepting the award because of questions raised at a House committee hearing. In each of these cases, the controversy centered on the eugenic beliefs of Margaret Sanger (1879–1966), Planned Parenthood’s founder.
To a Sanger supporter, the accusation of eugenics touches a nerve. To understand this, one must grasp the subconscious syllogism underlying the emotional reaction: Margaret Sanger and Planned Parenthood are progressive feminist institutions. Progressive feminism cannot coexist with eugenics, which is a malady of the right-wing. Therefore, Margaret Sanger and Planned Parenthood are free of eugenic contamination. QED.
Something new has happened over the last ten years, however, that challenges such easy assumptions, and both Cain’s and Clinton’s language reflected it. No one with any command of the facts can deny any more that Sanger was in some way a eugenicist.
[Click if you want to end abortion!]

First, scholars of women’s history have begun examining the feminist movement with more objectivity, producing a new literature that is less afraid to detail the unsavory aspects of feminist history.