Thursday, July 28, 2016

The Dr. Paul Internal Combustion Engine - 80% Efficient!!!

I found this video on You Tube ( link below).
It doesn't seem to have much buzz, when in fact it seems so amazing !!

The brains behind it are very qualified. So I thought I would share it here. It was a little difficult to find this info.

Dr. Marius Paul, an American engineer having Romanian origin. In Romania he was the director of National Thermal Engine Institute from Bucharest (a very prestigious institution designing tank, marine and locomotive engines).

After his arrival in USA, Dr. Paul created a company named Engine Corporation of America which began to develop the first variants of the Paul Engine.

The US Army was immediately interested by his concept and funded an intensive development.The results were so impressive that the concept remained top secret for 20 years. Now his patents are available for civil development.

Mainly the Paul engine uses an innovative arrangement of the connecting rod – crankshaft mechanism having opposite-pistons, without cylinder head.

Back ground on Prof. Fred Major who is speaking in the video (below)

Professor Fred Major was the CEO of Energy Dynamics Corp.

His background is in aerospace missiles, he started working on that in 1975 developing the Air continental missile called the Atlas missile.

Helped in the Development of the missile technology in the USA.He talks in this video about lots of stuff including his work on the Dr.Marius Ana Paul engine. Really interesting stuff.

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