Friday, November 10, 2017

Jay Dyer, What’s the Endgame for Atheists?

Here is a discussion that is interesting for those searching but want  a little depth.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Use Of Vitamin C For Glaucoma Vision --Hope

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[ editor: In addition to vitamin C we suggest to look into MSM (organic sulfur). Many claim it can help eyesight when consumed on a regular basis, some even use it as an eye drops. ]

Further to: Avoiding Visual Degeneration here is some useful information regarding Glaucoma, an affliction on which their is scant little available other than toxic drugs and/or Laser peripheral iridotomy none of which address the underlying causes such as nutritional deficiencies and/or toxins. In fact generally toxic drugs cause Glaucoma! For a comprehensive review see LifeExtension Web site.Here yet again is another example why the Drug/Medical Mafia hate Vitamins and in particular Vitamin C! I am about to discuss/show how simple, not mention cost effective, it is to test efficacy of nutrients (at least on yourself). Naturally the medical Mafia refuses to do such research. They can then claim that there are no studies to support efficacy of nutrients/vitamins. Could it be that they are afraid of the results? What about the pretentious health agencies who are for ever trying to protect us from, generally non existent, harmful effects nutrients/vitamin yet look the other way form the real harm caused by drugs? Then to further add injury to insult they go to great lengths to hide good research or say the studies are old not done here (NIH syndrome (Not invented here) ) etc. etc. Then the crowning glory of excuses is that this or that symptoms conveniently named as a diseases be they glaucoma, diabetes etc. are incurable so why bother looking... And of course they are sweating night and day to manage these symptoms for you by developing this or that drug for each one of these symptoms...yea right!

Natural Therapies for Ocular Disorders Part Two: Cataracts and Glaucoma
Unlike drugs, that cause a multitude of problems (side effects) - addressing nutrient deficiencies often balances and provides the body with much needed building blocks to literally heal many, if not all, seemly non related other issues in the body. Here is a brilliant comment by Charlotte Gerson the daughter of late Dr. Max Gerson:
"When you heal the body - everything heals!" Need I say more?
You will see the wisdom of the above words throughout this information dense post....
For example:
"The patients experienced many other good side effects from vitamin C such as clearing of sinusitis, allergy symptoms, arthritis improvement, cholesterol lowering, laxative effect, diuretic effect for heart disease patients, and other improvements associated with vitamin C intake of "several grams per day" level. Ophthalmologists may awaken to the marvels of vitamin C in treating glaucoma!....