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On March 12, 1877, there took place the solemn opening in new quarters of the Patronage de Saint
Pierre, St Peter's Youth Centre, at Nice. Don Bosco gave the occasional address. For many reasons it was important that the event should go well; for this reason, Don Bosco took as his subject-matter his system of education, to which he had begun to give the title "Preventive".
Upon Don Bosco's return to Turin, he had his address written up in more polished form, with also a French translation: he had spoken on the occasion itself in a mixture of Italian and French. It underwent various re-editings. Originally published together with the account of the solemn opening - it began life essentially as a propaganda document - it eventually acquired a life of its own, representing as it does Don Bosco's only attempt at setting out his educational principles in systematic form.
The translation is based on Braido's 'Document R', which contains later refinements to the text, and which was printed together with the Regulations For The Houses Of The Society Of St Francis Of Sales, in 1877.


Flax Seed Meal--- the best thing to add to your diet!

 Essential Fatty Acids (EFA).  Remember, in nutrition the word “essential” means it’s not made in the body so it must be obtained in the diet or supplementally.  EFA’S are genetically active and in fact have been shown to reduce the incidences of several genetically dependent cancers.  Specifically forms of both prostate and breast cancer were genetically modified creating reductions in their incidence when subjects were given Omega-3 fatty acids from fish.  Other studies have demonstrated the effects of dietary fats on liver genes.  So clearly appropriate fat intake is an important part of genetic health. 


One cheap source can be found in flax seed meal, which I think is a better source than flax seed oil, because it doesn't go rancid fast like oil. One tablespoon of flax seed meal has 10 times more potential Omega-3 than most fish oil capsules. It doesn't give Omega-3 directly but the body processes it to become Omega-3 and Omega-6(another EFA) from a chemical alpha linolenic acid (ALA).

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Mercury in fillings and in some Vaccines

Mercury in fillings and in some Vaccines was used years ago as an disinfectant and preservative.  The element mercury is an ingredient in dental amalgams, now being phased out. Some vaccines, since the 1930s, have contained the preservative thiomersal, which is metabolized or degraded to ethyl mercury. Thiomersal has been removed from or reduced to trace amounts in all U.S. vaccines recommended for children 6 years of age and under, with the exception of inactivated influenza vaccine.link But even trace amounts are extremely dangerous if injected directly into the blood stream as seen in the video below:

Hope for Alzheimer's disease: Drug used to treat athlete's foot 'slows down Alzheimer's'

[update 6-5- 2012--see new hope for Alzheimer's   in this post very exciting!]

[editor: This article is a little old but it is worth reading and asking about the progress in this treatment to health professionals. Drinking smoothies 3 times a week with some cilantro has been suggested to help remove heavy metals that may collect in the body and brain. Heavy metal retention in the body has also been connected to other nerve dysfunctions like multiple sclerosis. The main problem with this treatment is the drug "clioquinol" in in public domain and can't be patented---- ]

Drug used to treat athlete's foot 'slows down Alzheimer's'

A drug that is used in the treatment of athlete's foot could be used to treat Alzheimer's disease, according to a new study by British doctors.
The study, by a team from University College, London, found that clioquinol, a drug that is also used to treat ear infections and indigestion, can almost halt the progression of Alzheimer's.

It discovered that clioquinol, which was developed 100 years ago, is able to absorb the zinc and copper atoms that concentrate in the brains of Alzheimer's sufferers before dementia sets in.
Doctors believe that by absorbing these atoms, clioquinol can arrest the onset of dementia, potentially helping thousands of people.
Dr Craig Ritchie, a psychiatrist at UCL and a Medical Research Council research fellow who led the trial, said that the results were "very exciting".

"The patients on this trial had Alzheimer's that was mild to moderate, but there was very little change in their brains once they had started treatment," he said.
"This drug could give your mind a chance to stay healthy as long as your body does. Particularly for patients who get this terrible disease in middle age, we need better treatments."

The study was prompted by research at Melbourne University in Australia and Harvard University in the United States, which found that clioquinol could prevent zinc from building up on the surface of the brain.
Academics from the universities speculated that by blocking zinc they could halt, and possibly reduce, the brain damage that causes Alzheimer's victims to lose their memory.

To test their theory, the UCL doctors tested 13 Alzheimer's patients, giving them clioquinol over a nine-month period, and 13 other Alzheimer's sufferers who were given a placebo.

The results, published in the Archives of Neurology, show that patients given clioquinol retained significantly more mental capacity than those who received the placebos. Dr Ritchie said that the patients taking clioquinol experienced a decline in their mental faculties of just 1.4 per cent.

"You would normally see a drop of four points or more in someone with Alzheimer's over the period of time we treated these patients," he added. "For those taking the placebo, their mental decline was 8.9 per cent. It's a very large gap and indicated that the drug was working."

Alzheimer's affects one in 10 people over the age of 65, and almost half of those aged 85 and over.

The protective effect of clioquinol appears to be nearly twice as great as that of the latest generation of Alzheimer's drugs, such as donepezil, which are expensive and not always widely available.

A survey by Pfizer, the drug company, revealed last week that the availability of treatments, which cost up to £100 a month, varied sharply across Britain. In the worst area, Lothian in Scotland, less than £1 a head was spent on these drugs in the over-65 population compared with more than £10 a head in Northern Ireland.
Clioquinol should be much cheaper because it is no longer protected by a patent.
Prana Technology, an Australian drug firm, provided clioquinol for the first small trial. Larger trials of the drug are expected to start shortly and will include British patients.

Dr Ritchie said that animal studies had suggested that the drug might even reverse the progress of the dementia - something that current treatments are unable to do.
"We know that in mice the disease was reversed. Everyone is excited but this was only a small trial and we have to do a larger trial. We think this drug will produce the same results in extended trials with humans. If we can get to them early, we might be able to treat patients and leave them with very little damage to their brain."

One fear over the long-term use of clioquinol is that it may damage peripheral nerves and the nerves in the eye. Dr Ritchie said his team found no evidence of this during their trial.

Dr Susanne Sorensen, the head of research at the Alzheimer's Society, said: "The UCL research suggests that there may be a novel use for this already existing drug in the treatment of Alzheimer's disease. But the trial is limited in its scale and we believe it would be valuable to see a larger scale trial.

"The potential for new drugs that may interfere with or revert the progression of Alzheimer's disease gives hope to people with dementia and their carers."
The plight of sufferers and their carers was brought home to millions two years ago when the film biography of the novelist Iris Murdoch was showered with awards for its touching and realistic portrayal of the writer's dementia.

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Vaccines, Neurodevelopment and Autism Spectrum Disorders

Vaccines, Neurodevelopment and Autism Spectrum Disorders

The Danger of Excessive Vaccination During Brain Development: The Case for a Link to Autism Spectrum Disorders

Russell L. Blaylock, M.D.
Dr. Blaylock

[Russell Blaylock, M.D. not only compiles and edits Newsmax.com's Blaylock Wellness Report. He's also a nationally recognized board-certified neurosurgeon, health practitioner, author and lecturer.

He attended the Louisiana State University School of Medicine in New Orleans and completed his internship and neurosurgical residency at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston. For over a quarter of a century, he practiced in the demanding field of neurosurgery in addition to having a nutritional practice.

He recently retired from his neurosurgical duties to devote his full attention to nutritional studies and research. Dr. Blaylock is the 2004 recipient of the Integrity in Science Award granted by the Weston A. Price Foundation. He serves on the editorial staff of the Journal of the American Nutraceutical Association and is a member of the editorial board of the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons, official publication of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons.

He previously served as Clinical Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery at the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson, MS, and is currently a visiting professor of biology at the Belhaven College, also in Jackson.]

In 1976, children received 10 vaccines before attending school. Today they will receive over 36 injections. The American Academy of Pediatrics and the Center for Disease Control assured parents that it was safe to not only give these vaccines, but that they could be given at one time with complete safety. Is this true? Or are we being lied to on a grand scale?

The medical establishment has created a set of terms, which they use constantly to boost their egos and firm up their authority as the unique holders of medical wisdom–the mantra is “evidence-based medicine”, as if everything outside their anointing touch is bogus and suspect. A careful examination of many of the accepted treatments reveals that most have little or no scientific “evidence-based” data to support it. One often repeated study found that almost 80% of medical practice had no scientific backing.

This is not to say that medical practice should be purely based on pure and applied science, as understood in the fields of physics and chemistry. Medicine, as pointed out by many of the great men of medicine, is an art. For a discussion on the proper role of medicine I refer the reader to my paper titled –Regimentation in Medicine and the Death of Creativity – on my website (www.russellblaylockmd.com).

Most men of medicine recognize that some things are obvious without a placebo controlled, double-blind, randomized study. For example, there has never been such a study to see if smashing your finger with a hammer will be painful, but we accept it without such pristine evidence. The same is true with removing brain tumors or sewing up severe lacerations.

I find it interesting that there exist an incredible double standard when it comes to our evidence versus theirs.

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Merry Gentleman

Help Yourself get Organized

Here are some particle tips on organizing your day:

I’ve been working for sometime to find what works for me. Kelly and Oliver invited me to share my decidedly low-tech system which, for me, meets all of Kelly’s criteria…

I learned of GTD about six years ago via a blogging buddy in the manufacturing world. I devoured “Getting Things Done” and tried to apply it. I saw some success yet struggled to find a list manager to capture all the “stuff” coming my way.


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Atheism: Willian Lane Craig on Michael Coren Show

Traditional sympathetic Catholic Michael Coren gives William Lane Craig a chance to flex his intellectual muscles on his Canadian show. Atheists, such as Dawkins, are afraid to debate Craig. He is very articulate and he says man should seek for salvation, which most Catholics seem to be uninterested in, as a goal of life.

I think Craig wasn't given enough time but the atheist really didn't come off well or even on an intellectual par of Craig nor even the host Mr. Coren

Here is a longer debate of Craig verses Hitchens

Intro. to Intellegent Design Theory

Here is a good basic overview  video of Intelligent Design. It has a Christian slant but it contains enough for those who just want to know the basic case.

Intellegent Design Debate

Honda Insight without battery amazing gas milage

[editor: I don't recommend the GEET tech he speaks of at the end of the video. Pantone, the "inventor" of GEET,  has been known as a con-artist. But I thought this was an interesting thing that this hybrid actually works really well without the battery. If you can get almost 50 miles a gallon on average, my question is why have the batteries at all? I assume the efficiencies are achieved once it is at cruising speed to get to cruising speed it probably uses about 15-20 miles per gallon.--- Bill Strom]

"I made this video in order to share with everyone- how many miles per gallon a stock 2000 Honda Insight averages on the highway. Look at the bottom of the video screen at the FCD(Fuel Consumption Display) which notes from 0 miles per gallon, to 50 miles per gallon, then shows 100miles per gallon- and finally shows 150 Miles Per Gallon and gives a constant exact miles per gallon at any given moment by way of the small solid green boxes which progress from screen left to screen right 0-150 miles per gallon. This model Insight has a 5 speed manual transmission- and I'm driving the car with the Air Conditioning on high- and without the use of the High Voltage Hybrid Battery(which I've turned off for this test in order to show how well this car drives being powered exclusively by the 1 Liter 3 cylinder VTEC engine)."

Future Glass tech

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Morality Plays-- a needed renaissance

Morality plays typically contain a protagonist who represents either humanity as a whole or a smaller social structure. Supporting characters are personifications of good and evil. This alignment of characters provides the play’s audience with moral guidance. Morality plays are the result of the dominant belief of the time period, that humans had a certain amount of control over their post-death fate while they were on earth.[11]

In Everyman, perhaps the archetypal morality play, the characters take on the common pattern, representing broader ideas. Some of the characters in Everyman are God, Death, Everyman, Good-Deeds, Angel, Knowledge, Beauty, Discretion, and Strength. The personified meanings of these characters are hardly hidden. The premise of Everyman is that God, believing that the people on earth are too focused on wealth and worldly possessions, sends Death to Everyman to remind him of God's power and the importance of upholding values.[12] The emphasis put on morality, the seemingly vast difference between good and evil, and the strong presence of God make Everyman one of the most concrete examples of a morality play. At the same time, most morality plays focus more on evil, while Everyman focuses more on good, highlighting sin in contrast [13]

Other plays that take on the typical traits of morality plays, but are rarely given the title of "morality play" are Hickscorner and The Second Shepherds' Play. The characters in Hickscorner are Pity, Perseverance, Imagination, Contemplation, Freewill, and Hickscorner. They blatantly represent moral ideals.[14] In The Second Shepherds' Play, the characters are less obviously representative of good and evil, being primarily a trio of shepherds. But other characters such as Mary, The Child Christ, and An Angel show a strong moral presence and the importance of God in the play.[15]
Newt is a fake Catholic. I hope I am wrong but it seems like he really doesn't know the Faith very well. He said "Life begins at implantation" WHAT?? LIFE BEGINS AT CONCEPTION!!!!! Newt if you can't get that right what can you?

God's Job?

Lighten up :) This is done in fun. Colbert was abused as a child for being the only Catholic in an evangelical Bible belt community. He is old school Catholic--mainly cultural, because he is Irish decent. When he did his Christmas special he insisted it couldn't be blasphemous. He is in character and is speaking with absurdity, so don't judge him too harshly.

NOLLYWOOD--Nigerian film industry

Many Nollywood movies have themes that deal with the moral dilemmas facing modern Africans. Some movies promote the Christian or Islamic faiths, and some movies are overtly evangelical, mainly Christian.
Sorry the embed is disabled you need to click link above

David Berlinski Questions Evolution

Berlinski quick critique of evolution

Berlinski comment on Dawkins

David Berlinski
(born 1942) is an American educator and author of several books on mathematics. Berlinski is a Senior Fellow of the Discovery Institute's Center for Science and Culture, the hub of the intelligent design movement. Though he criticizes the theory of evolution, Berlinski, who is an agnostic, refuses to theorize about the origins of life. The scientific community has put the false premise that Darwinian Evolution can not be questioned, if one is not prepared to pose another theory. But how can another theory be developed, if one is not allowed to questioned? This is  a short coming of science today. This man is bucking the system by just asking questions and is a breath of fresh air:
Her is a series of an interesting interview with Dr. Berlinski--

Play all click here: http://youtu.be/Ec8lpcA5hls?list=PLF9DB30F6802BC5CE 

Part 1

For the full interview click below it may take a few minutes to load all the videos of the interview, so don't think there is something wrong with your link.

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Movie "Marty"

It's the stark, simple portrait of a gentle, lonely man, played by Ernest Borgnine, who lives with his Catholic Italian mother, works as a butcher and longs for a loving relationship as he heads toward middle age.

"I'm 36 years old and I've been lookin' for a girl every Saturday night of my life," he tells his best friend. "I'm a fat little ugly guy and girls don't go for me, that's all."

It's just that sort of unfettered sentiment that gives the drama such powerful resonance. The story centers mostly on a single Saturday night in Marty's life. After despairing about how to spend it, and then suffering another humiliating rejection when he calls a girl to ask her out, Marty finally decides to attend a lonelyhearts social at the Waverly Ballroom. There he meets a girl (Betsy Blair) who has just been ditched by her blind date—a slick fellow who offers Marty "five bucks if you take this "dog",(i.e. girl) home for me."
Marty approaches her, and in their mutual misery they find a bond...

It is a sweet film but it shows the weakness of American Catholicism, in that, Catholicism is like a nationality--"You're Catholic...because your Italian, Irish or Mexican..." not for your salvation. I think the evangelization through culture is putting the cart before the horse. First we must seek our salvation and culture is expressed from this effort to conform to God's will.

What about Usury?

What about Usury?
We have tried the pro-life ticket, but the Republicans have only thrown us crumbs. They have been in  the majority power since Reagan, and pretty much nothing has changed. They do the same in Northern Ireland to the Catholics there
Sein Fein (the "Catholic" Party?) is pro-abortion while the Protestant party is pro-life. We need to break the illusion and promises of Dem/Rep.--this false dialectic. They all lie.
Look in the Denzinger there is little condemned as much as Usury. It has taken us about a hundred years to figure out that the Laissez Faire Capitalism is just Usury--it doesn't matter who runs it, that also is a distraction.
Let us Vote for Bill Still

Bill Still Presidential candidate

I don't know if he is Catholic but his world view is. I am going to vote for him for president. He is talking about the most important issues, honest, and human not a Libertarian Anarchist. He considers government as a objective good and needs to be for the good of all, not just the few. Distributism is a third way in-between Communism/socialism and Laissez Faire Capitalism. It is to de-consolidate power to the most independent agents. It is the mold of the American School of Economics as opposed to the Austrian/Von Mises School, which is just English Empire exploitation repackaged. Von Mises was a Rockefeller stooge.   (search Rockefeller in link)  He is their ace up their sleeve, in-case the public catches on to the USA monetary scam.
For more on the American School read the classic -- The Harmony of Interests by Carey:
In a passage from his book, The Harmony of Interests, Carey wrote concerning the difference between the American System and British System of economics:

"Two systems are before the world;... One looks to increasing the necessity of commerce; the other to increasing the power to maintain it. One looks to underworking the Hindoo, and sinking the rest of the world to his level; the other to raising the standard of man throughout the world to our level.
 One looks to pauperism, ignorance, depopulation, and barbarism; the other to increasing wealth, comfort, intelligence, combination of action, and civilization. One looks towards universal war; the other towards universal peace. One is the English system; the other we may be proud to call the American system, for it is the only one ever devised the tendency of which was that of elevating while equalizing the condition of man throughout the world."

Maverick Flying Car at Oshkosh


Real life missionary invention -- flying car! His father died in evangelizing Ecuador natives-- dramatized in the movie: End of the Spear.

Most "Catholic" countries in South America have made it illegal to have contact with tribes deep in Jungle. (The Star Trek policy of non-intervention.) God in his mercy has sent Protestants to get the saving waters of Baptism to these people, since Catholics have no interest in their salvation--God has provided. They learn the necessity of Jesus as Lord and Savior, for salvation. Hopefully they will receive enough"Catholic" Faith  to save them-- like children as long as they put no obstacle to grace.

Collin Raye sings 'She's With Me'

True story that is his granddaughter ( his daughter's daughter) Thought you and your friends would like this. He is a Catholic convert and you can hear Catholicism coming thru.


Collin Raye - What I Need

Collin Raye is a Catholic convert who has been influenced by his Faith in his art.


I knew all the answers
The way my life should go
And when I used to say my prayers
I would tell God so
It seemed He wasn't listening
I thought He didn't care
But lookin' back
It's plain to see
He was always there

'Cause I prayed for strength
And I got pain that made me strong
I prayed for courage
And got fear to overcome
When I prayed for faith
My empty heart brought me to my knees
I don't always get what I want
I get what I need

I'm not sayin' that it's easy
Or that it doesn't hurt
When nothing seems to go my way
Nothing seems to work
These days I'm getting better
At goin' with the flow
Accepting that sometimes the answer
To a prayer is no

'Cause I prayed for strength
And I got pain that made me strong
I prayed for courage
And got fear to overcome
When I prayed for faith
My empty heart brought me to my knees
I don't always get what I want
I get what I need

Every time I've had a door slammed in my face
In time a better one was opened in its place

I prayed for strength
And I got pain that made me strong
I prayed for courage
And got fear to overcome
When I prayed for faith
My empty heart brought me to my knees
I don't always get what I want
I get what I need