Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Communion in the Hand:The deception and diabolical intrigue

Some think one has to be a Traditionalist to oppose communion in the hand. Far from it! The deception and diabolical intrigue to get it approved in the USA, and we would suppose other countries too, is a clear example of the crisis in the Church.
(1) Is the Pope in favor of Communion in the hand? 
(2) Communion in the hand is not an indifferent practice; 
(3) Communion in the hand spread through disobedience to the Pope; 
(4) historical testimony against Communion in the hand; 
(5) the danger of sacrilege; 
(6) consecrated hands; 
(7) champions for reverence to the blessed Sacrament, 
(8) Communion on the tongue remains the law of the Church throughout the world to this day.