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Newegg DIY Garage: How to build a gaming PC - i7-6700, 850 EVO, & GTX 970

Welcome to our brand new video series Newegg DIY Garage! This video is a step-by-step tutorial on how to build a no nonsense gaming computer. For your reference we've provided chapters and links to the components. Enjoy!

---Newegg DIY Garage: How to build a gaming PC - i7-6700, 850 EVO, & GTX 970---

00:00 Introduction
00:40 Selecting your components
03:31 Case Prep
07:20 Motherboard Prep
15:52 Motherboard Installation
18:46 Wiring
24:02 Test Boot
24:55 Flash BIOS
25:58 Graphics Card Installation
27:37 Cable Management
28:19 Benchmarks

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Why I Am An Anti-Feminist - The Fiamengo File, Episode 1

This is a really good presentation of the problems of Feminism.(There is a whole series of videos linked as a play list just let it play to the next video) She uses some extreme examples  to illustrate her point. She nor Catholic Data condone "pick-up" artists or other underlying anti-Christian morality in some examples. It is rather to understand there are distinctions to be made  between equal dignity (which is only a Christian principle--other ideologies do not hold this even though they say they do.) and sophistic manipulation of the term.
Feminism is a branch of Neo-Marxism -- the will to power-- not equality.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Rats Save Humans From Landmines

Brilliant! The rats are too light to ignite landmines.
How a tiny, four-legged creature helped one country rid itself of landmines

Monday, November 30, 2015

NEW EVIDENCE & DISCOVERY on The Shroud of Turin.

For those not familiar, the Shroud of Turin is a  linen cloth bearing the image of a man that is believed to be the burial shroud of Jesus of Nazareth. It has been investigated as a scientific mystery.

This is compilation of several documentaries. Some better than others in  production values but the info is good in all of it. Find some time to watch it.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Atheist-to-Catholic Convert Tells Her Powerful Story

Jennifer Fulwiler tells of her journey to Christ. It is interesting to hear an intellectual argument for a belief in Jesus opposed to a purely emotional one. But I dare you to watch without your emotions being stirred and your spirit leap within you. Enjoy!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Getting Things Done--summary

In Getting Things Done, veteran coach and management consultant David Allen shares the breakthrough methods for stress-free performance. Allen's premise is simple: our productivity is directly proportional to our ability to relax. Only when our minds are clear and our thoughts are organized can we achieve effective productivity and unleash our creative potential. In Getting Things Done Allen shows how to:

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Cultural Marxism destroying Western Culture

Cultural Marxism, dubbed “the greatest cancer in the Western world”, is the ideological driver behind political correctness. It is the destructive criticism and undermining of all institutions of Western civilization and the traditional values underpinning it.

Cultural Marxism was formulated as a way to subvert Western nations and civilization using methods other than direct political action.

Cultural Marxism is largely a synthesis of Marx and Freud. It is Marxism as applied in the cultural sphere and the analysis and control of the media, art, theatre, film and other cultural institutions in society, often with an emphasis on class, race and gender.

Shortly after the Russian Revolution, in 1919 the Bolsheviks founded Comintern (the Communist International) to “fight by all available means … for the overthrow of the international bourgeoisie for the creation of an international Soviet republic.”

Two Marxist theorists, Antonio Gramsci of Italy and Georg Lukacs of Hungary, concluded that the Christianised West was the obstacle standing in the way of a communist new world order. Gramsci said that Christianity had corrupted the working class and the West would have to be de- Christianised by a “long march through the culture” – starting with the traditional family and completely engulfing churches, schools, media, entertainment, civic organizations, literature, science, and the presentation (and revision) of history.

In 1923 Lukacs established the Institution for Marxism in Frankfurt – later known as the Frankfurt School. Lukacs said “I saw the revolutionary destruction of society as the one and only solution.  A worldwide overturning of values cannot take place without the annihilation of the old values and the creation of new ones by the revolutionaries.”

During the Second World War, the Frankfurt School relocated to various campuses in the  United States and many became influential in American universities. The Frankfurt School’s studies combined Marxist analysis with Freudian psychoanalysis to form the basis of what became known as “Critical Theory.” – the destructive criticism of Western culture, including Christianity, capitalism, authority, the family, patriarchy, morality, tradition, sexual restraint, loyalty, patriotism, nationalism, ethno-centrism, conservatism.

Critical Theory repeats over and over this mantra of alleged Western evils: racism, sexism, colonialism, nationalism, homophobia, fascism, xenophobia, imperialism, and of course religious bigotry (only applied to Christianity).

 In 1950, Theodor Adorno of the Frankfurt School proposed the idea of the ‘authoritarian personality‘ – claiming that Christianity, capitalism, and the traditional family create a character prone to racism and fascism. Thus, anyone who upholds traditional moral values and institutions is both racist and fascist, and everyone raised in the traditions of God, family, patriotism or free markets needs psychological help.

The Frankfurt School were frustrated at the persistent lack of interest by the Western working class in revolt. Herbert Marcuse asked the question: Who could substitute for the working class as the agent of revolution?

His answer was:  marginalized groups, including black militants, feminists, homosexual militants, the asocial, the alienated and third world revolutionaries represented by the mass murderer Che Guevara.

Cultural terrorism – now called political correctness – was to be waged against white, Christian, capitalist, heterosexual males.

So victim groups were to be defended:  Blacks, women, also now Muslims as alleged victims of “racism“ and “genocide”  and also, more recently, the environment (being raped by white capitalists). 

Not Enough Time to Evolve

Ann Gauger is co-author of Science & Human Origins. In Science & Human Origins three scientists challenge the claim that undirected natural selection is capable of building a human being. The authors critically assess fossil and genetic evidence that human beings share a common ancestor with apes, and debunk recent claims that the human race could not have started from an original couple.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

"Follow Your Passion" is BAD ADVICE

 Here is What You Should Do Instead...

In this eye-opening account, Cal Newport debunks the long-held belief that "follow your passion" is good advice. Not only is the cliche flawed -- preexisting passions are rare and have little to do with how most people end up loving their work --

but it can also be dangerous, leading to anxiety and chronic job hopping.

Sins of the Press: The Untold Story of The Boston Globe's Reporting on Sex Abuse in the Catholic Church

This book is a great read for anyone really interested in what the Catholic abuse scandal in Boston was really about. Intelligence may be defined as always keeping an open mind about everything and being driven by facts and not emotion.

If you're looking for an exoneration of the Catholic Church in Boston for the Abuse Scandal, you won't find it here. But it is good to see if there may have been some biases in the reporting.

This is the book that the Boston Globe does not want you to read.

SINS OF THE PRESS blows the lid off the Boston Globe's 2002 Pulitzer Prize-winning reporting about sex abuse and the Catholic Church.

While the Globe would want you believe that its paper's reporting was a carefully impartial chronicle of abuse and cover-ups by Church officials, this fast-paced, eye-opening, and meticulously researched book uncovers something entirely different.

Using actual images of headlines, photos, and editorial cartoons from the Globe archives, Sins of the Press exposes:
* How the Globe's reporting was only the culmination of a relentless, decades-long campaign against the Catholic Church for ideological reasons;
* How the Globe flagrantly misled its readers about the Church's response to abuse complaints;
* How the Globe has dismissed abuse and cover-ups in other institutions;
* How the Globe has routinely celebrated child molesters in its pages over the years;
* How the Globe frequently promoted an author who supported incest between fathers and daughters;
* How the Globe was flat-out erroneous in its reporting;
* How the Globe facilitated the foundation of the notorious gay pedophile group NAMBLA;
* The truth about Cardinal Law and his response to cases of abusive priests;

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Girlfriend Won't Talk About Debt But Wants To Get Married

Four things that put a marriage on the right track and the possibility of a successful marriage.
 Agreement on :
1.. Money-- how you handle it.
2.. Children-- how to rear them.
3. In-laws

Monday, October 19, 2015

Marxist Feminism’s Ruined Lives


 By Mallory Millett
"When women go wrong men go right after them.”
-- Mae West

“Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy; its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.”  Winston Churchill wrote this over a century ago.
During my junior year in high school, the nuns asked about our plans for after we graduated. When I said I was going to attend State University, I noticed their disappointment.  I asked my favorite nun, “Why?” She answered, “That means you'll leave four years later a communist and an atheist!"
What a giggle we girls had over that. "How ridiculously unsophisticated these nuns are," we thought. Then I went to the university and four years later walked out a communist and an atheist, just as my sister Katie had six years before me.

Sometime later, I was a young divorcee with a small child. At the urging of my sister, I relocated to NYC after spending years married to an American executive stationed in Southeast Asia. The marriage over, I was making a new life for my daughter and me.  Katie said, "Come to New York.  We're making revolution! Some of us are starting the National Organization of Women and you can be part of it."
I hadn't seen her for years.  Although she had tormented me when we were youngsters, those memories were faint after my Asian traumas and the break-up of my marriage.  I foolishly mistook her for sanctuary in a storm. With so much time and distance between us, I had forgotten her emotional instability.
And so began my period as an unwitting witness to history. I stayed with Kate and her lovable Japanese husband, Fumio, in a dilapidated loft on The Bowery as she finished her first book, a PhD thesis for Columbia University, “Sexual Politics.”

It was 1969. Kate invited me to join her for a gathering at the home of her friend, Lila Karp. They called the assemblage a "consciousness-raising-group," a typical communist exercise, something practiced in Maoist China.  We gathered at a large table as the chairperson opened the meeting with a back-and-forth recitation, like a Litany, a type of prayer done in Catholic Church. But now it was Marxism, the Church of the Left, mimicking religious practice:

"Why are we here today?" she asked.
"To make revolution," they answered.
"What kind of revolution?" she replied.
"The Cultural Revolution," they chanted.
“And how do we make Cultural Revolution?" she demanded.
"By destroying the American family!" they answered.
"How do we destroy the family?" she came back.
"By destroying the American Patriarch," they cried exuberantly.
"And how do we destroy the American Patriarch?” she replied.
"By taking away his power!"
"How do we do that?"
"By destroying monogamy!" they shouted.
"How can we destroy monogamy?"
Their answer left me dumbstruck, breathless, disbelieving my ears.  Was I on planet earth?  Who were these people?
"By promoting promiscuity, eroticism, prostitution and homosexuality!" they resounded.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Abortion - A Liberal Cause?

by Jefferis Kent Peterson

[editor : this was good stuff so I am postign it here just incase it is taken down here :

Abortion has been numbered among the liberal causes of modern politics. Abortion is identified with women's rights just as the Civil Rights Movement was identified with equal rights for African Americans and other minorities. But is abortion really a liberal cause? A careful examination of the history of the abortion rights movement would shock even the most ardent defender of a woman's right to choose. The founders of the movement were in fact racists who despised the poor and who were searching for a way to prevent colored races from reproducing.

Rather than defending the rights of the poorest of the poor, which is the tradition of liberalism, the founders advocated abortion as a means of eliminating the poor; especially Blacks, Jews, Slavs, and Italians. And rather than desiring to help the poor through welfare programs, they wanted to eliminate all charities and government aid. Today, most liberals would be shocked to know of this racist heritage. Not only is the founding of the abortion rights movement anti-liberal, but it may have been an attempt to promote racial genocide.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

God is not dead

Is God dead?
Not in academia.
As someone who teaches philosophy at Wycliffe Hall, University of Oxford, Vince Vitale is well placed to know what the top scholarship says about God. Vince shows how in the fields of philosophy and sociology, God is very much alive.

If you think intellectual objections undermine belief in God, Vince suggests that you may be unaware of the arguments at the highest level.

Experts: Abortion Not Medically Necessary to Save the Life of a Mother

Leading medical experts speaking at a major International Symposium on Excellence in Maternal Healthcare held in Dublin have concluded that “direct abortion is not medically necessary to save the life of a mother.”
Professor Eamon O’Dwyer, speaking for the Committee of the Symposium, said that the outcome of the conference “provided clarity and confirmation to doctors and legislators.”

Participants in the symposium.
Experts in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, mental health, and molecular epidemiology presented new research, and shared clinical experiences on issues surrounding maternal healthcare to the packed Symposium attended by more than 140 Irish medical professionals.
Particular attention was paid to the management of high-risk pregnancies, cancer in pregnancy, foetal anomalies, mental health and maternal mortality.
The Symposium’s conclusions were issued in the Dublin Declaration on Maternal Healthcare which states:
-“As experienced practitioners and researchers in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, we affirm that direct abortion is not medically necessary to save the life of a woman.
-We uphold that there is a fundamental difference between abortion, and necessary medical treatments that are carried out to save the life of the mother, even if such treatment results in the loss of life of her unborn child.
-We confirm that the prohibition of abortion does not affect, in any way, the availability of optimal care to pregnant women.”
Professor Eamon O’Dwyer said that the Symposium was timely given that the issue of abortion was one of current public debate, and that attempts were being made to confuse legitimate medical treatment with abortion.
“Irish Obstetricians and Gynaecologists have previously pointed out that treatment for conditions such as ectopic pregnancy are not considered abortion by doctors, yet misinformation in regard to this abounds in public debate. The Symposium clarifies that direct abortion is never medically necessary to save the life of a woman, and that’s good news for mothers and their babies,” said Professor O’Dwyer
Dr Eoghan de Faoite of the organising Committee for the Symposium said that the research presented at the Symposium provided clear evidence that best practice medical care for pregnant women does not involve abortion.
“It was fascinating to learn about new therapies involving the safe delivery of chemotherapy during pregnancy and the exciting field of in-utero fetal surgery” he said. “When discussing matters of pregnancy and medicine it is vital that the voices of the real experts, those that actually care for pregnant women, be heard. This Symposium puts an end to the false argument that Ireland needs abortion to treat women, and it was encouraging to hear the international speakers commend Ireland’s high standards of maternal healthcare and low rates of maternal mortality.”

Saturday, July 25, 2015

A world-famous chemist tells the truth: there’s no scientist alive today who understands Darwinian Evolution

original article here : 
[Editor: BTW, "Macroevolution"  read as "Darwinian Evolution"]
Professor James M. Tour is one of the ten most cited chemists in the world. He is famous for his work on nanocars (pictured above, courtesy of Wikipedia), nanoelectronics, graphene nanostructures, carbon nanovectors in medicine, and green carbon research for enhanced oil recovery and environmentally friendly oil and gas extraction. He is currently a Professor of Chemistry, Professor of Computer Science, and Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science at Rice University. He has authored or co-authored 489 scientific publications and his name is on 36 patents. Although he does not regard himself as an Intelligent Design theorist, Professor Tour, along with over 700 other scientists, took the courageous step back in 2001 of signing the Discovery Institute’s “A Scientific Dissent from Darwinism”, which read: “We are skeptical of claims for the ability of random mutation and natural selection to account for the complexity of life. Careful examination of the evidence for Darwinian theory should be encouraged.”
On Professor Tour’s Website, there’s a very revealing article on evolution and creation, in which Tour bluntly states that he does not understand how macroevolution could have happened, from a chemical standpoint (all bold emphases below are mine – VJT):
Although most scientists leave few stones unturned in their quest to discern mechanisms before wholeheartedly accepting them, when it comes to the often gross extrapolations between observations and conclusions on macroevolution, scientists, it seems to me, permit unhealthy leeway. When hearing such extrapolations in the academy, when will we cry out, “The emperor has no clothes!”?
…I simply do not understand, chemically, how macroevolution could have happened. Hence, am I not free to join the ranks of the skeptical and to sign such a statement without reprisals from those that disagree with me? … Does anyone understand the chemical details behind macroevolution? If so, I would like to sit with that person and be taught, so I invite them to meet with me.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Darwinian evolution is not a science. Let's do the math.

Darwinian evolution is not a science. Lets do the math.
 The scientific method is used every day in forensic science to determine whether an event in a crime scene was an accident or by design and intention. Mathematical probability is a scientific argument and is frequently used in determining many issues of scientific inquiry.

The scientific method cannot be used to prove events which occurred outside of human observation. No one observed the origin of the universe by either chance or design, but scientific evidence via mathematical probability can be used to support either a chance or design origins for the universe.

If you went to an uninhabited planet and discovered only one thing, a cliff carved with images of persons similar to what we find on Mt. Rushmore, you cannot use the scientific method to prove that these images came about by design or by chance processes of erosion.

Mathematicians have said that any event with odds of 10 to the 50th power or over is impossible even within the entire time frame of the supposed billions of years popularly assigned for the age of the universe.

Watch this video to see the math just doesn't work.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

THE MOZART MYTH--- Talent is Overrated

Wolfgang’s first four piano concertos, composed when he was eleven, actually contain no original music by him. He put them together out of works by other composers. He wrote his next three works of this type, today not classified as piano concertos, at age sixteen; these also contain no original music but instead are arrangements of works by Johann Christian Bach, with whom Wolfgang had studied in London...

Mozart’s first work regarded today as a masterpiece, with its status confirmed by the number of recordings available, is his Piano Concerto No. 9, composed when he was twenty-one. That’s certainly an early age, but we must remember that by then Wolfgang had been through eighteen years of extremely hard, expert training.
~ Geoff Colvin from Talent is Overrated

Wolfgang Mozart was born a genius, right? Just kinda fell out of the womb and started composing crazy great stuff, right?

Might want to re-think that one.

First, consider the fact that Mozart’s dad, Leopold, was a famous composer who LITERALLY wrote the book on how to teach children music. He’d been practicing for years with Wolfgang’s older sister and got to work with little Wolfgang around the time most little doods are getting potty trained.

Long story a little shorter, when you look at his career, you’ll see that, as Colvin points out above,  Mozart put in EIGHTEEN years (!!!) of remarkably diligent training before he created something truly extraordinary.

As Carol Dweck (the Stanford researcher and leading authority on motivation and achievement) asks in her great book Mindset (see Notes): “Is it ability of mindset? Was it Mozart’s musical ability or the fact that he worked till his hands were deformed? Was it Darwin’s scientific ability or the fact that he collected specimens non-stop from early childhood?”

Talent is overrated. Long live hard work! :)


Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Nuns grow spirulina for malnourished children - You can grow this superfood at home

(NaturalNews) Many people believe the word "superfood" is a term used for click bait and nothing more, but superfoods not only exist, they are the superheroes of the food world. Spirulina is one such food.

In the Central African Republic, Catholic nuns are using the blue-green algae to fight malnutrition at the St. Joseph Health Center. Bangui, where the nuns are located, has been dealing with the effects of a conflict that has made resources scarce. The lack of food has had an especially pronounced effect on children in the region.

After a meeting with a French pharmacist who advised them on how to grow spirulina, the nuns at St Joseph Health Center were able to successfully harvest the algae to combat malnutrition.

Spirulina is a remarkable source of nutrients, containing the highest natural source of complete proteins, omega fatty acids, iron, and antioxidants. The health applications of a superfood like spirulina can translate across countless circumstances, from saving lives in the Central African Republic to providing everyday nutrients to anyone around the world.

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My Global Warming Skepticism, for Dummies


by Roy W. Spencer, Ph.D. in meteorology

I receive many e-mails, and a recurring complaint is that many of my posts are too technical to understand. This morning’s installment arrived with the subject line, “Please Talk to Us”, and suggested I provide short, concise, easily understood summaries and explanations “for dummies”.
So, here’s a list of basic climate change questions, and brief answers based upon what I know today. I might update them as I receive suggestions and comments. I will also be adding links to other sources, and some visual aids, as appropriate.

Deja vu tells me I might have done this once before, but I’m too lazy to go back and see. So, I’ll start over from scratch. (Insert smiley)

It is important to understand at the outset that those of us who are skeptical of mankind’s influence on climate have a wide variety of views on the subject, and we can’t all be right. In fact, in this business, it is really easy to be wrong. It seems like everyone has a theory of what causes climate change. But it only takes one of us to be right for the IPCC’s anthropogenic global warming (AGW) house of cards to collapse.

As I like to say, taking measurements of the climate system is much easier than figuring out what those measurements mean in terms of cause and effect. Generally speaking, it’s not the warming that is in dispute…it’s the cause of the warming.

If you disagree with my views on something, please don’t flame me. Chances are, I’ve already heard your point of view; very seldom am I provided with new evidence I haven’t already taken into account.

1) Are Global Temperatures Rising Now? There is no way to know, because natural year-to-year variability in global temperature is so large, with warming and cooling occurring all the time. What we can say is that surface and lower atmospheric temperature have risen in the last 30 to 50 years, with most of that warming in the Northern Hemisphere. Also, the magnitude of recent warming is somewhat uncertain, due to problems in making long-term temperature measurements with thermometers without those measurements being corrupted by a variety of non-climate effects. But there is no way to know if temperatures are continuing to rise now…we only see warming (or cooling) in the rearview mirror, when we look back in time.

2) Why Do Some Scientists Say It’s Cooling, while Others Say the Warming is Even Accelerating?

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

[editor: In a study of open angle glaucoma patients who received 150mg of Alpha Lipoic Acid each day, 45-47% of the eyes had enhancement of colour visual fields and visual sensitivity when compared to controls using only topical medical therapy. More advanced cases had an even better response compared to their controls.]

I’m not sure why, but you don’t hear a lot about alpha lipoic acid. This is kind of strange considering it may the most potent and clinically sanctioned of all non-essential nutritional supplements.
Alpha Lipoic AcidAlpha lipoic acid or ALA is an anti-oxidant, a type of cellular rust protector with an interesting twist. Most anti-oxidants are either fatty or watery, that is to say they are either water soluble or fat soluble. Some like Vitamin E and Vitamin A, which are fatty (lipids is the more technical term or lipophilic for fat loving) can protect fatty parts of the body, most especially cell membranes. Others like Vitamin C and the B-complex can protect the inside parts of a cell which is watery. But alpha lipoic acid is unique in the world of anti-oxidants in the sense that it can protect both. This makes it very valuable, in fact it is one of the most valuable of all anti-oxidants and it really should be a part of any nutritional supplement program.
In a study that was published in the journal Toxicology in 2002, it was shown that alpha lipoic acid increases the concentrations of the body’s 'master' detoxifier and cancer fighter, glutathione, both inside AND outside cells. ALA can help cells regenerate glutathione after it’s been used up. According to the Linus Pauling Institute (LPI), which is a great resource for all issues involving nutritional supplementation, several studies have shown that feeding rats alpha lipoic acid restored several markers of age related glutathione depletion, especially in heart cells.
And, alpha lipoic acid has its own detoxification supporting properties,and is especially important for helping to clear heavy metals, especially mercury. Dr. Sherry Rogers talks about using alpha lipoic acid with Vitamin C and glutathione as a detox cocktail in her book “Detoxify or Die”
One of the most exciting applications of alpha lipoic acid involves using it intravenously, and in her book “Honest Medicine”, Julia Shopick talks about using IV ALA for liver regeneration. Intravenous alpha lipoic acid has been used successfully to treat pancreatic cancer as well, and on the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center website there’s an article that discusses the use of IV alpha lipoic acid to treat peripheral neuropathy, a painful nerve condition that affects millions of Americans, most notably long-term diabetics.
Alpha Lipoic acid is readily available as 500mg capsules. Try taking one or two a day. If you’re dealing with blood sugar problems, take a third dose. If you’re looking to get ALA in foods, the best sources are going to be green leafy veggies and beef, organ meats and brewer’s yeast, but according to the LPI, consumption of alpha-lipoic acid from food does not have a significant effect on the free lipoic acid in the blood, while using free lipoic acid in supplements results in significant increases. And, according to the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, the alpha-lipoic acid in food is chemically locked up and less available to enter the blood plasma. On the other hand, the free form ALA that you obtain from supplements is not bound and easily enters the blood, from which point it is distributed throughout the body.

About the author

Ben Fuchs I'm Ben Fuchs, a nutritional pharmacist from Boulder CO. I specialize in using nutritional supplements where other healthcare practitioners use toxic pharmaceutical drugs. I look at the human body as a healing & regenerating system, designed divinely to heal & renew itself on a moment to moment basis. "Take charge of your biochemistry through foods and supplements, rather than allow toxic prescription drugs to take charge of you."

Read more nutritional info at his site:

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How to be Happy

There are a principles in Catholic Theology: "Grace builds on nature" and "Grace perfects nature". They work together. By our co-operation with Grace by what we can do naturally; we also stimulate our appreciation of Grace and we grow in it. When we say "growth in Grace" it just means --in our relationship with God. We love Him more as we co-operate with his graces.

Understanding Men and Women; Why They See Things Differently

Monday, January 26, 2015

Three-Step Strategy to Reverse Mitochondrial Aging

[editor: I've been reading about PQQ. This could be the next big thing in health. It covers so many things that could help degenerative diseases, like Glaucoma, Parkinson, ALS... This could be a profound discovery]

Reprinted from Life Extension, click here for references and further information

By Michael Downey

Have you ever wondered how long you’re going to live? The potential answer can be found in the energy-producing cellular powerhouses called mitochondria.
According to a growing number of cell biologists, the number and functionality of the mitochondria specifically determine an individual’s life span.1-3
When we’re young, we are relatively protected against mitochondrial deterioration. As we age, however, changes within our cells lead to the destruction of mitochondria—paving the way for aging and disease.4-8
In 2007 scientists made a remarkable age-reversal discovery:
Damage to mitochondrial DNA becomes permanent a decade after mitochondrial dysfunction begins—and in the early stages, this damage remains reversible.9
In this article, you’ll learn about a 3-step program aimed at restoring your body’s vital mitochondrial health:
Step 1: Boost your body’s natural mitochondrial DNA defenses with CoQ10.
Step 2: Stimulate the creation of new mitochondria with PQQ.
Step 3: Support your body’s mitochondrial defense system with shilajit.
This strategy to reduce damage to existing mitochondrial DNA and create new mitochondria—is essential to inhibit a destructive cycle believed to be a root cause of aging.

Why We Need Mitochondria

Three-Step Strategy to Reverse Mitochondrial Aging  
Found inside the body’s cells, mitochondria are responsible for producing our primary source of energy, adenosine triphosphate (ATP). ATP provides at least 95% of the cellular energy that powers all living functions.
Unfortunately, a byproduct of this energy generation is the formation of a huge stream of free radicals.4-7 Free radicals are molecules that possess a free electron—a property that makes them react with other molecules in volatile and highly destructive ways.10-12
Free radicals attack the structure of our cell membranes, creating metabolic waste products that disturb DNA and RNA production, interfere with the synthesis of protein, and destroy important cellular enzymes. Vital tissues and molecules decay under the assaults of free radicals.10-14 In addition, free-radical disruption of cell mechanics creates mutant cells, which are linked to cancer and cellular aging.15,16
Mitochondria are the easiest targets of free-radical injury for two reasons:
  1. They are located exactly where these free radicals are produced, and
  2. They lack most of the antioxidant defenses found in other parts of the cell.17,18
Evidence strongly indicates that over time, accumulated damage to the DNA of the mitochondria in particular leads directly to metabolic disorders (such as diabetes) and degenerative disorders (such as Alzheimer’s).4-8,19-23
Mitochondrial dysfunction is primarily seen in organs and tissues that have a high demand for energy—explaining why cardiovascular tissue and brain neurons are among the most susceptible.24
When we’re young, we are largely protected against mitochondrial deterioration because our bodies produce substances to defend mitochondria from the onslaught of free radicals. However, as we age, that protection wanes, setting us up for a destructive cycle that accelerates aging and disease. As a result of this rapidly accelerating process, mitochondria in the cells of elderly people are mostly dysfunctional, whereas young individuals have virtually no mitochondrial damage.8,25-27

The Mitochondrial Theory of Aging

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The Catholic Church: Builder of Civilization

Interesting series that shows that the Catholic Church is not the enemy of mankind.