Sunday, March 17, 2019

Seed Sharing Deemed Illegal in the United States

John from breaks the news that seed sharing in the USA has been deemed not legal and certain organizations are prohibited from freely sharing seeds...

In this episode, John interviews Lawyer, Neil Thapar of the Sustainable Economies Law Center on how seed sharing has been deemed Illegal by certain states in the USA and how you can help change this.

After watching this episode, you will discover WHY seed sharing has been deemed illegal by certain states and how and why this needs to change. You will learn the specific actions you can take to create a more just food system including saving and sharing your own seeds.

Next, John will interview Rebecca from the Richmond Grows Seed Lending Library to share with you how important seed libraries are as well as how to discover if there is a seed lending library near you and how you can start your own seed lending library in your city or community. Sign the Seed Sharing Petition at: Learn more about Seed Sharing is Illegal Issue at Learn how to start your own seed sharing library at: