Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Nutrition 101

Here are 2 nifty videos that covers nutrition in very broad way. It isn't visually well done but the information is great. The the end of the first video  will be of interest to women with PMS because this problem is mainly caused  by a lack of essential fatty acids
Part I

Part II

In general his information is very good but I am skeptical about his dissing of grains and wheat. (I will try to look in to that.) My reason for being skeptical is religious. Jesus is the bread of life, so God seems to have thought of bread as a necessary part of living. Science usually catches up to the Church a few years later. Like his comments on how good fasting is--years ago fasting was considered bad. His specialty is skin, so he knows a lot about protein and fats, because they are tied to skin health. His political views of culture and government is in vogue Libertarianism--which is just repackaged anarchist theory of the 19th century. Which I find unpleasant, but I do like most of his content.

Part III
 This is a different nutritionist but he tells well sources of Omega 3