Sunday, February 26, 2012

US "FIRST"--- break out of the culture

Pop culture programs our children from an early age to want to be basketball players ( or professional athletes in general), movie stars, and pop singers. Children's imaginations are being captured by a superficial future that frankly few are successful at and even fewer who are, last more than 5 years at the top. Not to mention the hedonistic culture that accompanies these "dreams" too.

Here is an option--  US "First" is "sports" with a different flavor and future. It gets children to use their minds develop problem solving skills and inspires their dreams to a practical future in the sciences. Lets face it, science and technology are places where we would astronomically improve our children's possible future at a good job and financial security.

"First" is a technological competition that gives children a chance to be part of a team, learn math, science and get role models that are scientists an engineers, instead of rock stars and fashion models. Unleash their imagination into a possible science career and win scholarships for their brains, and not their brawn.

FIRST was founded in 1989 by businessman Dean Kamen and physicist Woodie Flowers.The competition is a yearly event. The most intense participation occurs between the months of January and April, but "mini-competitions" are hosted by many teams in school gymnasiums throughout the year.