Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Scientific Case for the Origin of Life

Mike Riddle puts the evolution theory to shame, clearly showing the "impossibility of the odds."

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There are over 2,000 types of amino acids and only 20 are used in life.

Every experiment we have ever done has always ended up with an equal number of left handed and right handed amino acids.

A mixture of left handed and right handed amino acids is a poison to life.

Every living creature has only left handed amino acids. The tendency is always to bond the two and continue away from life; not toward life.

Evolution has ruled out the truth of a Creator God, so evolutionists will accept anything in the place of the truth of God.

In essence, evolutionists are saying that 3 plus 1 equals 7 because the real answer, in this case 4, is "too religious for them."

One cell in our body is more complex than any computer we have ever built.

Is it logical to conclude that a cell could evolve from natural processes?

"Give it enough time and it will happen" is not a scientific statement. It is a faith-based statement. It is saying that they don't know what happened, but if we give it enough time, then something will happen.

Scientists affirm that the law of probability states if the chances of something happening is over 10 to the 50th power, then it will "never" happen.

The chances are 10 to the 191st power that a single protein can occur by random chance.

The chances of a single cell forming by random chance is 10 to the 40,000th power!

To say that life could evolve from nothing defies science and logic.

A person can believe in evolution, but not because of the science. A person believes in evolution because of their belief system.

Anything that violates the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics could never happen. It states, "Energy goes from a usable to less usable state over time in an isolated system."

An open system is any system where you can add and remove energy. The Earth is an open system and so is nearly everything else we know.

An isolated system is one where no matter or energy can get in or out. The universe is an isolated system.

Four Required Conditions for Evolution

1. An open system (earth)

2. Available energy source (sun)

3. A way to capture and store raw energy

4. Energy conversion mechanism

We are all decaying. We began this decay at conception.

Where did the immense amount of DNA come from? The only tenable answer is in Genesis 1.

4 Things Detrimental to the Origin of Life

1) Oxygen in the atmosphere

2) Second Law of Thermodynamics  (no way to capture and use energy)

3) Water (hydrolysis)

4)Only Left handed Amino Acids are used in Life

5) Sugars --only right handed molecules used in life.

If I tell you only part of the evidence and you believe it, you have not been taught, you have been indoctrinated.

If I tell you all the evidence and you make a decision, then you have been taught.

Congress has said that we can teach both sides (e.g. evolutionism and creation). However, other agencies have tried to take away this right and scare creationists into being silent.

No scientist on this planet can tell you how life originated.

Why should we accept evolution when you cannot produce the evidence?

When evolutionists tell us about their faith, creationists should tell them about our faith.

Evolution has no foundation for the origin of information.