Sunday, August 18, 2013

Content-control---Clean up Hollywood yourself

ClearPlay is an advanced parental control DVD player that allows content filtering of ordinary DVD films, purchased or rented. ClearPlay is the technology that automatically skips over or mutes undesirable content such as profanity, graphic violence, drug and adult-oriented content, all in real time. A ClearPlay-enabled DVD player is required, along with what are called Filter files.

These files, which are created by ClearPlay editors,[1] will know where the possibly unwanted content is located, even to the exact frame. This allows the ClearPlay DVD player to block offensive or undesirable content during playback of the DVD. The choice is also made available to watch the film in its original form, by turning the filtering off. ClearPlay allows users to customize what they want to skip. There are twelve categories of content that can be filtered and with four different levels (none, implied, explicit and graphic).[2] These categories include: Violence, Sex, Nudity and Vulgarity. Users will see a list, before the movie starts, of possibly questionable content that ClearPlay will not remove depending on the movie, scene and/or situation.

The filter files interact with the player by way of what is called a FilterStik (a small USB flash drive which is included with the player). The FilterStik is connected to a computer, the files are downloaded to it through their website, and the FilterStik is then connected to the player. Firmware updates are also occasionally available for the player itself, by way of a similar method.
The Filter files are only available from ClearPlay as a monthly or annually subscribed membership. Unlimited access to the full library of movie Filters are then made available, which contains filters for various DVDs including most new releases. If filter files for a particular movie are not present, requests can be made through their website.

There is always new developments coming in even the possibility to stream movies and filter tham at the same time. This could be an answer Christians have been looking for. Here is a link to the site

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