Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sky Lanterns--World record

This ain't funny or technically cultural but it is cool! It shows the power of people co-operating to produce the good and the beautiful. We can see it as prays flying up to heaven and how beautiful it is for a country to praise God in unison.

Romania established a new world record by launching 12,740 sky lanterns at the same time, June 4, 2012 in Iasi, outside the Palace of Culture. The event was organized by the developers of the Palas multi-functional center, which recently opened.

The record was ratified by the Guinness World Records representative Anna Orford. The city of Iasi beat the record held by India, with 900 sky lanterns launched at the same time. Over 30,000 people attended the event during the week-end.

Sky lanterns, also known as Chinese lanterns are airborne paper lanterns traditional in some Asian cultures.