Thursday, May 24, 2012


It isn't exactly a “Christian” idea as in its driving force. I don't agree with the some of their political views of over population or Global Warming...etc But there are really good things happening from these ideas of “Earthships”. I think it would behoove Catholic Church missionaries and religious communities to see these things and see the benefits for self-sufficient housing. Could you imagine a monastery that needs no food and no utility bills or even Catholic communities? It is possible and this visionary has set a foundation that could be built on. Yeah his structures are not beautiful but Catholic artists developed souring cathedrals from the basis of pagan architecture developed by the Romans and other cultures. I think some really beautiful structures could be developed.

Introduction overview

Basic design
This could be adapted

Here are an example of helping poor countries. There have been stractures done in several poor countries.

To delve into here is a documentary and the battle to be creative. There is some bad language so be warned and some borderline antichristian attitudes but nothing too extreme