Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Experiment with new solar tech

If you have some extra cash and you want to experiment with solar, I'd suggest you try this. In the long run it will be cheaper than conventional solar.

These  Tesla Solar Tracker III's are specifically designed for offline solar power systems. They are fully integrated solar charge controllers.

Most charge controller and solar panel systems cannot even start charging the battery banks until there is direct bright sunlight on the solar panels.

It is common for these Tesla Solar Tracker III's to start charging as soon as the sun comes up until the sun sets. Marginal light is the minimum requirement - so you can have battery charging all day long even under cloudy skies!

This does not have to do with the solar panel, it has to do with the interaction between what the solar panel sees in relation to what the charge controller does with it.

No other solar charge controller in the industry can compete with this game-changing technology built by John Bedini, the world's indisputable master of battery charging technology.

Many solar system have to have their battery banks changed every 5-7 years because the conventional charge controllers do such an incredibly poor job at even getting the battery voltages up to where they like to be.

Therefore, there is normally sulfation layer upon sulfation layer, which never quite gets removed with conventional charge controllers.

The Tesla Solar Tracker III will deeply rejuvenate the battery bank when charging fully removing the sulfation layers and getting the batteries to a higher voltage, which keeps them in good shape.

What does this mean?

It means you will not have to change your battery banks as often, if ever, and this makes your ROI for your solar system simply make sense.

check it out here http://www.teslachargers.com/solartrackeriii.html