Saturday, January 7, 2012

Honda Insight without battery amazing gas milage

[editor: I don't recommend the GEET tech he speaks of at the end of the video. Pantone, the "inventor" of GEET,  has been known as a con-artist. But I thought this was an interesting thing that this hybrid actually works really well without the battery. If you can get almost 50 miles a gallon on average, my question is why have the batteries at all? I assume the efficiencies are achieved once it is at cruising speed to get to cruising speed it probably uses about 15-20 miles per gallon.--- Bill Strom]

"I made this video in order to share with everyone- how many miles per gallon a stock 2000 Honda Insight averages on the highway. Look at the bottom of the video screen at the FCD(Fuel Consumption Display) which notes from 0 miles per gallon, to 50 miles per gallon, then shows 100miles per gallon- and finally shows 150 Miles Per Gallon and gives a constant exact miles per gallon at any given moment by way of the small solid green boxes which progress from screen left to screen right 0-150 miles per gallon. This model Insight has a 5 speed manual transmission- and I'm driving the car with the Air Conditioning on high- and without the use of the High Voltage Hybrid Battery(which I've turned off for this test in order to show how well this car drives being powered exclusively by the 1 Liter 3 cylinder VTEC engine)."